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Hello. I’m Oleg Tern, a product manager based in Warsaw.
Last 14 years I build and manage great products in EdTech, fitness, healthcare, media... and something not so serious:


For the last decade, I build 50+ EdTech products (webinars, online courses, guides, newsletters). Among them developed 3 certification online cohort-based courses from scratch.

How does it look in practice? How to create a cohort-based course that students love? 

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EdTech products


15-puzzle diet planner ​


​Startup, closed


  • Flexible diet plan for any goal without calorie counting

  • One screen planning  up to two weeks

  • Social network: share meals and receipt ideas, give feedback from the community ​ ​


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​Startup, closed 

Gipis — a mobile health platform that aggregates health data (daily activity, workouts, sleep quality, weight dynamic, pulse) analyses it and creates a personal training plan. 

My role as a co-founder was product discovery and R&D. The main challenge was to create a personalized and effective training plan based on collected data.

Newspaper digital transformation

I managed newspaper digital transformation, rebuilding oldschool offline media with internet archive to fully online media, that can deliver news as quickly as possible.

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Industrial Design
Hobby: DIY-audio

My hobby and passion is music, and one of the ways to touch it — DIY (do it yourself) audio. I engineered and build my home audio system and it can bring into the world of music, whether it's a large symphony orchestra, a jazz trio, or a rock concert. Fabolous!

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