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15-puzzle diet planner ​
Startup, iOS app.
My role: product design

This project has a very long history.  It all started around 2004 when I came up with a way to plan my diet without counting calories using food groups and portion control.

In the next few years, some friends found out about this concept and tried it on themselves, and were pleased with the results. It was easy to plan and effective. One of them suggested to write in blog about it, I did it in 2009. After half a year, this idea has grown and hundreds of people have written to me that it works.


In 2010 I had an idea how to arrange everything in the form of infographics. There were 5 or 6 iterations and tonnes of R&D that led to a concept called 15 puzzle diet, like a child's game.

By the way, in 2011 USDA established MyPlate — it looks like one meal from my plan, which was built for the whole day. It was the best proof of concept I can imagine :)

In the spring of 2012, my brother made a proposal to develop a mobile app. I took over the UX, he did the coding, and also brought in a UI designer to draw the final look. We worked on it for three or four months. Beta was launched in iOS-6. It was not only a diet planner but also an early-Instagram-style social network. The project was closed in 2014 (I'll explain one day ).


15i d1.png

Customers have a daily menu designed as 15 puzzle game. Besides solid foods, caloric and caffeine drinks are also planned. This is what breakfast might look like:

Portion size in this diet plan is equal to the customers fist.
The fist is proportional to the body size and serves as an excellent guide. 


And of course, a plan was developed for each goal, whether it be losing weight, maintaining or gaining weight. To be honest, you only need one scheme, a balanced diet (and patience), but people love to lose weight and gain, this was part of the game.

15i d6.png




  • Social network: share your meals and receipt ideas, give feedback from the community

  • Flexible diet plan for any goal (loss, gain, maintain) without calorie counting

  • Smart UX: all planning at one screen

EARLY STAGES, 2009-2011 

15i story.png
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