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In theory learning in the cohort can increase student success rates due to interaction, access to the instructor and collaboration with other students. A satisfying sense of community that is often lacking in MOOCs — sounds great!

But how does it looks in practice? How to create a cohort-based course that students love?

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Power of soft skills

In general, I wrote 5 books. And most of all I am proud of a book and training course in health coaching for professionals. 
It's all about how to develop soft skills to help clients change their habits and behaviors. Based on the principles of active listening and non-directive methods.


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These are universal principles that are suitable for working with colleagues, teams, projects and partners. All you need is to learn to listen, hear and understand. It's not so easy!

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15pzzl diet
Product design

  • Flexible diet plan for any goal without calorie counting

  • Smart UX: choose a portion
    of food in a few clicks, change week, day, or one meal plan —
    all planning at one screen

  • Social network: share your meals and receipt ideas, give feedback from the community

It was a Pet project with the story and lifespan of a real pet :)

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Gipis, startup
Product discovery and R&D

Gipis — a mobile health platform that aggregates health data (daily activity, workouts, sleep quality, weight dynamic, pulse) analyses it and creates a personal training plan. 

My role as a co-founder was product discovery and R&D. The main challenge was to create a personalized and effective training plan based on collected data.

Newspaper digital transformation

I managed newspaper digital transformation, rebuilding oldschool offline media with internet archive to fully online media, that can deliver news as quickly as possible.

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Hobby: DIY-audio

Each of us needs time to take a break from work. My hobby and passion is music, and one of the ways to touch it — DIY (do it yourself) audio. I engineered and build my home audio system and it can bring into the world of music, whether it's a large symphony orchestra, a jazz trio, or a rock concert. Fabolous!

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